Nov. 5th, 2015

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I'm working on a vid at the moment, and thanks to my lovely betas it's going v well. I will probably post it tomorrow. (For those of you who did read my Hamilton post - it happened! I got (most of) my brain back! I can DO THINGS again! I can THINK again! It's so exciting). ANWAY like I said I've been working on a vid and it's going well BUT a few weeks ago (pre-Hamilton) I had a sudden horrifying realisation: I have made this vid before.

Like, not this *actual vid*, obviously. But basically the SAME vid, except about a different character in a different fandom. I raged about this via text to [personal profile] such_heights, who was on her honeymoon at this point and I think mostly laughed at me in a fond sort of way.

A couple of hours later, I was struck by ANOTHER horrifying realisation: I have made this vid TWICE before. No, wait, make that THREE times. THREE. TIMES.

This all led to a bit of a vid-sistential crisis. And because I am me and I like Order and Clarity and Completeness, I made a List. This got abandoned and left to languish forlornly in a googledoc whilst I then proceeded to have a total meltdown over a certain musical (yayhamlet!) but now that I'm back in the real world I thought I'd resurrect it. I love hearing about other people's creative processes, which is why I always write such rambling accompanying notes when I post my own vids - I assume I can't be the only person who enjoys that sort of background info.

So this, for any of you who similarly enjoy this sort of thing, is Five Ways To Tell If You Are Watching A Purplefringe Vid: long ramblings beneath the cut )


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