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Two posts in two days, gosh. This one has a vid in it!

Wolf Like Me
edited by [personal profile] purplefringe
fandom: MCU
characters: Natasha/Bruce
music: Wolf Like Me by Lera Lynn
summary: My mind has changed / my body's frame
content notes: Canon-typical violence, needles, some fairly fast cutting

notes: HUGE thanks to my lovely betas: [personal profile] such_heights for her usual encouragement and soothing noises and reassurance that 'yes, there are some feelings in this vid', and [personal profile] shinyjenni for her patience with endless drafts and neurosis, and her wonderful nit-picking skills.

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download: 68MB @ mediafire


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ETA 07/09/14 Now remastered and shiny! Links below are updated. The remastering process was tricker than I thought it would be (having never done this before) - mostly due to the cam footage scenes being inexplicably several frames longer than the DVD ripped scenes. Which meant I had to do some unexpected clip tweaking, to make the same clips fit in the same slots. Also, a couple of clips turned out to be way less awesome once you could actually *see* what was going on…! Notably, a clip that I thought showed an explosion, but turned out to just be a particularly blurry scene change…oops. That one got swapped out. Newly remastered vid also contains bonus!Maria Hill and bonus!Natasha, now that the full width of the screen can be seen. :-)

Don't Stop Believin'
edited by [personal profile] purplefringe
fandom: Captain America: The Winter Soldier
characters: Steve / Sam
music: Don't Stop Believin' - Journey
summary: Strangers waiting / up and down the boulevard...
content notes: Spoilers for the film. Also, some very shaky camera work, exacerbated by the cam-quality footage. NB: Please just bear with the first 30 seconds.... :-)

notes: It's that most wonderful time of year again - [personal profile] such_heights's BIRTHDAY! ♥ She is the bestest of friends and the awesomest of flatmates (along with K & [personal profile] happydork, my other two flatmates, of course) and so I made her this ridiculous little vid about Sam and Steve to celebrate. They are adorable and great, and so is she.

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download: 75MB @ mediafire

password: onyourleft


Don't Stop Believin' from Phoebe on Vimeo.

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edited by [personal profile] purplefringe
fandom: Iron Man & Avengers
characters: Tony Stark, Tony Stark & Tony Stark. And a few guest appearances.
music: Idiotheque - Radiohead cover by Vienna Teng & Alex Wong
summary: everything all of the time
content notes: Spoilers for all three films

notes: Greetings Fandom - Team PURPLE HEIGHTS are proud to present: A TONY STARK DOUBLE FEATURE! We are delighted to invite you (somewhat accidentally) to come see Tony Stark in all his multifaceted everything-all-of-the-time-(this-includes-friends-and-sexual-partners)-ridiculousness. Suggested viewing order is Idiotheque followed by[personal profile] such_heights joyous vid of joy, Call Me Maybe (AKA 'My Little Tony: Friendship Is Magic'), but that is really up to you. Either way, emotional confusion may follow.

Thank you, as ever, to [personal profile] such_heights, for patiently watching approx. fifty million drafts of this vid, and explaining to me how to make it better. And how to put it in the right aspect ratio.....

download: 49MB @ mediafire

password: stark


Idiotheque from Phoebe on Vimeo.

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