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Happy More Joy Day, everyone! <3

I have never made anything for More Joy Day before, but have wanted to ever since I first found out about it. And this year, I have a vid! \o/ I didn't, technically, make it for today, but this seemed a good time to post it, particularly given that it was already out of date the moment I finished it.

Ramblings about Christmas, several weeks late )

This is for all of you. All of my friends, those of you I have met and those of you I haven't. All of the lovely people who watch my vids and read my meta and leave wonderful comments. And all of you whose vids I watch and whose meta I read and whose fic I read and whose art I enjoy and who generally contribute to making my tiny slice of the world a better place. I love you, I'm glad you exist.

Halfway Out Of The Dark
edited by [personal profile] purplefringe
fandom: Doctor Who
characters: Ten, Eleven, Twelve and Companions
music: Atheist Christmas Carol by Vienna Teng
summary: Don't forget, I love, I love, I love you
content notes: Contains spoilers for all of the DW Christmas Specials (and TEoT2, which I guess was technically a New Year special)

Thank you to [personal profile] such_heights for beta-ing, and putting up with my texts. And also to [personal profile] kaydeefalls for reassuring comments.

(Yes, it's Vienna Teng AGAIN. No, I still don't care. I've wanted a vid to this song for aaaaaages, but every winter when it occurs to me to think about vidding it, I'm already embroiled in Festivids. No, of course I'm not procrastinating on my Festivid this year. Why do you ask. What are you talking about. Who even asked you. La la la.)

download: 78MB @ mediafire


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I AM TOTALLY WORKING ON MY FESTIVID, I PROMISE. /o\ Absolutely definitely. Yep. I just got a little...distracted...by the DW finale.

edited by [personal profile] purplefringe
fandom: Doctor Who (Season 9)
characters: Clara, Twelve
music: Kansas by Vienna Teng (yes, I vidded Vienna again. No, I don't care)
summary: It's not regret / Just an unexpected accounting of debts
content notes: Major spoilers for all of Season 9

Thank you to [personal profile] such_heights and [personal profile] elisi for beta-ing and general reassurance :-)

NB. The music doesn't start for a couple of seconds into the vid. Do not adjust your set.

download: 86MB @ mediafire


Spoilery ramblings )
Lyrics here )
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So. Doctor Who. I haven't written anything on here about this season so far, which is unusual. Partly this was because my brain and entire being was consumed by Hamilton for much of the early part of the season, leaving no room for meta, and partly it's because this season has been slightly...I don't know. Calmer? Less overt? I don't know. Something. But anyway, little meta thoughts have been percolating away at the back of my mind, but I haven't felt the overwhelming need to write anything until now.

But now.

Oh Clara, my Clara. )
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Wow, never have lyrics from the vid I'm working on been SO RELEVANT to the act of working on the vid.

So, er, I started this one in February /o\ And to be fair, I did make fully two thirds of it in less than a week. It was just the remaining third that took, um, six months. I think that's a new record. (My last Clara vid was a mere two months late.) Most of that time was spent opening FinalCut, shuddering, and closing it again, so perhaps it only really took one month, spread over six months. ANYWAY, it was not supposed to be posted a mere 3 weeks before Series 9, but I'm too excited about it being A MERE THREE WEEKS UNTIL SERIES NINE to care much.

edited by [personal profile] purplefringe
fandom: Doctor Who (Season 8 with bits of Season 7)
characters: Clara, the Doctor
music: Pompeii. by Bastille
summary: does it almost feel like you've been here before?
content notes: Contains some fast cutting, and also spoilers for Season 8

download: 98MB @ mediafire

As usual, thanks go to the lovely [personal profile] such_heights for watching a millionty drafts of this, and making soothing noises at me when I complained at her about it. (I'm sorry I do that so much <3) And also for providing the last-minute technical support I still need, despite this being my 31st vid. Oops.

(Speaking of which - if anyone knows how to deal with those FUCKING SQUARE PIXELS that are marring their beautiful faces, please let me know. I don't know why they're there, I've never had this problem before, I want to throw my laptop out the window /o\)

ALSO on this occasion, huge thanks to the amazing [personal profile] elisi, without whom I would definitely never have finished this stupid vid. She went waaaaaay above and beyond the call of vid-beta-ly duty, and sent the most *incredible*, detailed, encouraging, thoughtful, analytical emails, in response to my somewhat pathetic call for help. She also helped me to clarify just what I was actually trying to say - there are one or two parts of this vid that were constructed clip-by-clip with her, via email. I hope you really did enjoy the process as much as you said you did. <3 This vid is for you! :-)

Ramble ramble )

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Yep, it's a shiny, newly-minted copy of COMPANION PIECE, edited by L.M. Myles and Liz Barr, published by Mad Norwegian Press, and containing an essay by me! Eeep. I haven't actually received my contributor copies yet, but I already know that all 30-something essays, by a whole bunch of fabulous women, will be dazzling and thought-provoking and delightful. The book is the third in the Doctor Who 'Geek Girl' series - following the success of Chicks Dig Timelords and Chicks Unravel Time - and this one focuses, as you might imagine from the title, on the Companions. *All* of the Companions.

I was lucky enough to get to write about the true and beautiful perfection of Mary Tamm's Romana I <3 (As documented visually in this vid, which I made to say thank you to [personal profile] shinyjenni for her editing and encouragement, and to express the overflow of Romana love I had after watching The Key To Time twice through.) It's been about a year and a half since I actually wrote it (!) and I can't quite bring myself to go back and look at it ever again because oh god /o\ BUT it's called 'What Has Romana Ever Done For Us?' and if nothing else I am pleased with the title.

Many thanks to [personal profile] calapine for letting me have words in her book! :-D
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Blank Space
edited by [personal profile] purplefringe and [personal profile] such_heights
fandom: Doctor Who (multi-era)
characters: Doctor/Master
music: Blank Space by Taylor Swift
summary: So it's gonna be forever / or and it's gonna go down in flames
content notes: Bondage. Scenery Chewing. Epic, epic nemesis love.

Streaming and download over at such_heights' journal

Ramblings )

Lyrics here )
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Once again, I set out to write a series of bullet points covering a range of themes and motifs in Doctor Who S8...and once again, I found myself stuck on one particular topic. Concise, I am not. So - having discussed Eyes in S8, here you go, have some significantly less focused thoughts on soldiers. This is a very long, fairly superficial summary of what we've seen so far in terms of soldiers and how they relate to the Doctor's character (plus, er, multiple digressions onto barely-related topics). Don't expect in-depth analysis, because my brain can't seem to manage that right now. Just 4000+ words of blather. Also be warned: there are spoilers for the Finale in here, but nothing that hasn't been revealed in official promo photos/trailers already.

Am I a Good Man, Clara? )
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In The Forest of the Night airs tomorrow - the last standalone Doctor Who ep before the two-part season finale. At this point last season, just before Neil Gaiman's Nightmare In Silver graced our screens, I posted my summary of Clara theories, which has now once more become relevant in light of the end of Flatline. This time, I was intending to write a succinct summary of all of the main themes and motifs of Doctor Who S8, along with speculation as to where they might be leading. Instead I got carried away thinking about Eyes, and so discussion of Soldiers, Robots, Naming Things and other themes will have to wait until my brain has recalibrated. Also, I am sure that there will be a LOT of meta to ponder after tomorrow's tree-filled episode. So in the meantime:

Eyes! )
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Short Skirt / Long Jacket
edited by [personal profile] purplefringe
fandom: Doctor Who (Classic Series)
characters: Romana I and the Fourth Doctor
music: Short Skirt / Long Jacket - Cake
summary: She is touring the facility and picking up slack
content notes: Romana > you

notes: This vid is dedicated to the wonderful [personal profile] shinyjenni! She bakes the world's best brownies, is fabulous and encouraging when asked to edit essays at the last minute or beta vids in secret, she can do MAGICAL THINGS with a sewing machine, she has good and thoughtful opinions on Doctor Who and superheroes and is really happy to share them, and is an all round excellent and delightful human. Every home should have one. :-) (I'm pretty sure her fingernails actually shine like justice too.) <3

Thanks to [personal profile] such_heights and [personal profile] cosmic_llin for beta-ing and squee and appreciating the perfection of Mary Tamm's eyebrows with me. And particular thanks to [personal profile] calapine who is completely responsible for introducing me to Romana I in the first place. IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT.

This vid premiered earlier this evening at the Nine Worlds Doctor Who vidding panel. It was very exciting! :-D (Until [personal profile] such_heights was a bad person and pointed me out to the rest of the room who all looked at me and it was terrible /o\)

download: 54MB @ mediafire

password: krollkrollkroll


Short Skirt / Long Jacket from Phoebe on Vimeo.

Lyrics here )

RTS Event

Mar. 5th, 2014 12:11 am
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Tonight I was lucky enough to snag a ticket to the Royal Television Society event 'Sherlock: Anatomy of a Hit'. It was awesome - Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, Sue Vertue, Amanda Abbington and Ben Stephenson (controller of BBC Drama) were all there, and all had interesting, funny, insightful things to say.

They talked about the making of the show - obviously - but also a bit about Conan Doyle, and fandom, and their writing process. They showed and talked about some of their favourite clips from all 3 seasons. There was a lovely atmosphere throughout, and they all came across as hugely warm, talented and very humble people. Steven Moffat was particularly enthusiastic on the subject of fic (and fan art), and defended it - expressly including slash fic - wholeheartedly. Every probing question from the interviewer or the audience about the negative side of running a phenomenally successful show was deftly handled and turned into something positive. Is it terribly pressured and stressful having to keep up with ever heightening audience expectations? Well, mostly it's brilliant and exciting, and much better than having to cope with running a show that's a complete commercial failure! Are there awful fans who complain loudly and incessantly about how the show has gone downhill? Inevitably, yes, a few, but the vast majority are full of love and passion and creativity, and when they dislike a direction the show has taken they write their own fic to fix it. I had a great time.

Afterwards, there was unexpected mingling and drinks. I was by myself, but as I had a ticket for a free drink I went to loiter in the bar and see what was going on. After about five minutes, Steven and Sue and Mark and Amanda showed up. It was the most perfect opportunity you could possibly imagine for talking to them - relaxed and pretty casual, not too many people, and yet an environment where they expect people to talk to them about their shows, so you don't feel like you're being obnoxious when you ask them to sign your book of academic essays on Sherlock Holmes.

I was still hopeless though.

Much like that time I met Jewel Staite a couple of years ago, (and, in fact, like every other time I have met one of my heroes) I was completely shy and awkward and tongue-tied and rubbish. I managed to stammer out a thank you to Sue Vertue for getting Sherlock off the ground (seriously, it would still be a Moffat/Gatiss pipe dream without her), and I said about one sentence to Mark Gatiss as he signed my Vincent Starret book.

Amanda Abbington was wonderful - she was kind and smiley and gracious, and very fervent on the subject of female characters in the media and the unjustified hate they get. A subject, incidentally, that comes up nigh on daily in my flat and amongst my various fannish friends, and yet when it came to talking about it with her, my mind went completely blank. Everything I've ever thought on the subject, and everything I've ever heard anyone else say, went completely out of my head. All too soon, there were other people wanting to talk to her and take photos, and that opportunity was gone. But she was fabulous and delightful and totally the kind of person I would like to invite round for tea. :-)

I also spoke to Steven. Now, I've met Steven Moffat in a few other contexts - there was the time many years ago when [personal profile] such_heights and I, along with a couple of other friends, randomly saw him in the pub, just a few months before it was announced he was taking over as DW showrunner. Then there was the time he and Mark Gatiss were at a work party I was at (and I, having no idea they were going to be there, was wearing Dalek earrings….oops). Both times I was with groups of people, and was unprepared for the occasion. This time, I should have been prepared. AND YET. I actually cannot even begin to count the number of things I would like to say to Steven Moffat, if I could just get my brain in order. His influence on my life as it is at the moment can't really be overstated. And yet all I could think of to ask was 'do you think there might be more female writers in the next series of DW?' Which, of course, sounds like a personal attack on him and is probably the kind of thing he has to put up with all the fucking time from journalists. At first he went on the defensive a little bit, but I managed to reassure him that I wasn't going to quote him anywhere, and that I was a huge fan of his work and was not about to write some angry rant about what a misogynist idiot he is. And so he gave me a proper, genuine answer, and once again that could have turned into a really good conversation, except that whilst I was dithering and trying to turn my brain on, the conversation was hijacked by someone else. (He was really nice about that, by the way.) But anyway, the whole thing only served to reiterate two things for me: 1) that Steven Moffat is exactly the brilliant, wry, funny, intelligent, slightly sharp but thoroughly lovely human being I have always thought he was, and I will continue to defend him and his writing forever against all of the people who hate on him. And 2) that I will never, ever get any better at meeting my heroes :-(

Oh, Vienna

Feb. 20th, 2014 12:27 am
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Only, er, 2 months late, I am delighted to post my effort for [personal profile] silly_cleo's wonderful Aims Vidding Project! (Go and watch them all, they're all fabulous!)

Never Look Away
edited by [personal profile] purplefringe
fandom: Doctor Who
characters: The Doctor, Clara
music: Never Look Away by Vienna Teng
summary: you’re made of memories you bury or live by
content notes: Contains some very fast cutting and flickery lights

I am eternally grateful to the following lovely people:

To [personal profile] silly_cleo, for coming up with this whole beautiful project in the first place, for orchestrating everything, and, um, for being very very patient with me as I dithered and procrastinated and generally failed to deliver my vid even remotely on time. <3
To [personal profile] such_heights, my wonderful vidwife, for letting me use this song in the first place. And then for watching the inevitable fifteen bajillion very slightly different versions and giving helpful beta advice, and for generally being super lovely and encouraging about this vid, even when I was being whiny and indecisive and annoying. <3
And to [personal profile] elisi, [personal profile] lonewytch, [personal profile] janie_aire, [personal profile] deborah_judge, [personal profile] radiolaires and all of the other amazing meta writers, whose thoughts I admire and envy in equal measure, and who have fundamentally changed the way I watch this stupid show. <3

Cut for really long and pointless ramblings )

download: 56MB @ mediafire

password: rycbar123


Never Look Away from Phoebe on Vimeo.

Lyrics here )
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You've Got The Love
edited by [personal profile] purplefringe
fandom: Doctor Who
characters: The Tardis, The Doctor (Nine, Ten & Eleven...and was that Twelve for a moment there?) and associated companions
music: You've Got The Love by Florence and the Machine
summary: The Box and her Boy, off to see the universe
notes: An [community profile] eleventyfest gift for [personal profile] glaukopis, who asked for a Doctor/Tardis vid. I know it's not the song you had in mind, but I do hope it conveys the same ideas. Whatever he looks like and whatever she looks like, it's always the same man and the same blue box - the Doctor and the Tardis, together, long after everyone else has gone. <3

Thanks, as ever, to [personal profile] such_heights for watching eleventy-one versions of this, and making sure it had enough Martha in it!

download: 44MB @ mediafire

password: bluebox


You've Got The Love from Phoebe on Vimeo.

Lyrics here )

Clara Who?

May. 10th, 2013 04:46 pm
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Who is Clara Oswin Oswald?

This series of DW is making my head spin, and poor [personal profile] such_heights has to put up with my flailing. So I thought I would try to clear my head with a List. I do like Lists. Lists are cool. This is a list of the main Clara theories that I have come across so far:

She's not possible... )
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(N.B. the VAST majority of this was written in a post-xmas frenzy in the middle of the night on about the 28th December 2012, and was finished off and finally posted today, as the return of DW is mere WEEKS away, and I wanted to put my thoughts somewhere first....you can kind of tell it was written in the dark.)


'You really should delete your history' )

ETA: SQUEEEEEE NEW TRAILER. Omg. FEELINGS. I love DW, it makes me feel things. 'Time to find out who you are' - WELL QUITE. Who is Clara, who is the Doctor, and what is next for the Show? 'I am the Doctor, and I am afraid' <333333 (where is his bowtie in that scene? And where is Clara? and where is he?) But mostly, for reasons I can't quite fathom yet, I am excited about the reappearance of the Orange Spacesuit. It is odd seeing Eleventy wearing it, but I am excited to see what it leads to. Meta, hopefully.
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*I work in publishing, ok?

Due to my computer's intransigence and antiquity, vid-uploading last night was a massive fail. So I'm trying again tonight! In the meantime - more thinky thoughts inspired by 7.03....(apologies for total incoherence - these were dreamed up at 1am last night)

does it ever bother you that your meta doesn't make any sense? )
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Whilst I wait for my next vid to upload on my painfully slow and creaky laptop, let me attempt to write down my thoughts about the next DW companion in a vaguely coherent manner...

Here be extremely rambly and not-organised spoilers for S7 )
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Read My Mind
edited by [personal profile] purplefringe
fandom: Doctor Who
characters: Amy/Rory
music: Read My Mind - The Killers
summary: 'cause I don't shine if you don't shine
content notes: Spoilers up to 6x14.
notes: So, [personal profile] such_heights has been trying to persuade me for aaaaages to make a Doctor Who vid by myself. But for some reason - because the show is so beautiful, because it gives me so many Feelings and Thoughts and I love it too much and there's so many wonderful vids already out there - I was too scared and sceptical. But then, one day weeks and weeks ago, I got this song in my head and it wouldn't leave. It was so *obviously* Rory's voice, that I couldn't believe that somebody more talented than me hadn't already made it. But nobody had. So I did.

This is a vid about Rory and Amy. The Boy Who Waited and The Girl Who Waited. It's a vid about how they are both truly unique and wonderful and brilliant and badass. It's about how they wait for each other, and how they fight for each other, and how they care for each other, in every possible reality. It's about how Amy drags Rory out into Time and Space, and he doesn't mind if she doesn't mind. It's about how they can be epic universe-saving warriors and ridiculous flaily dorkfaces and a regular domestic couple, and none of that is contradictory. And she doesn't mind if he doesn't mind. It's about how they help each other to shine even more brightly than they could do alone. It's about how they catch each other when they fall.

Made with a truly staggering amount of squee and technical help from [personal profile] such_heights. Thank you. I don't shine if you don't shine <3

download: 65MB @ mediafire

password: shine


Read My Mind from Phoebe on Vimeo.

Lyrics here )
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Love Is Cool
by [personal profile] purplefringe and [personal profile] such_heights
fandom: Doctor Who
characters: the Doctor, Amy, Rory and River (Amy/Rory, Amy/Eleven/Rory, Eleven/River)
music: Love is Endless - MoZella
content notes: none
summary: I love Ponds now. Ponds are cool.
vidder notes: made for the wonderful K., with *all the love*. Spoilers through 'Night and the Doctor', the mini episodes on the s6 DVDs. Many thanks to [personal profile] noldo for the beta.

streaming and download links.


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