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Devil's Spoke
edited by [personal profile] purplefringe
fandom: Firefly
characters: Zoe/Wash
music: Devil's Spoke - Laura Marling
content notes: Spoilers for the movie.
summary: ripping off each other's clothes in a most peculiar way
notes: There are not enough Wash and Zoe vids out there. That is a very sad fact. Along with the Ponds (all 4 of them), they are my favourite married-in-space couple. I feel they are often ignored in favour of the beautiful angst of Mal/Inara, or the adorable awkwardness of Kaylee/Simon (there should be more vids about Kaylee's face too. See here for a lovely one) or the enigma that is River. Married life - even on board a spaceship - is perhaps seen as boring and predictable. But there are deep currents swirling in Zoe and Wash's relationship which I find compelling....they have both saved each other in so many ways, they bring out the best in each other: Wash makes Zoe smile and Zoe makes Wash brave. They are there to fight each other's demons. They are so tightly bound together, such natural counterparts, and yet at first glance they seem so unlikely...and of course there is the third person in their relationship, the one who brought them together: Serenity herself.

So this is a Wash/Zoe vid, mostly from Zoe's POV, the seed for which was planted the very first time I heard this song. I immediately thought 'omg it sounds like Firefly!' despite having very little idea as to what it was actually about. The idea then germinated and grew slowly around three quotes from the show.

From a deleted scene from Serenity (the pilot):

Simon: If that battle was so horrible, why'd he name the ship after it?
Zoe: Once you've been in Serenity you never leave. You just learn to live there.

From The Message:

Tracey: Zoe got married?
Kaylee: Yeah.
Tracey: Next you'll be telling me she smiles, has emotions. (...) Now she's married - that's good! People making a life for each other.

And from Serenity again:

Zoe: Sir? I'd like you to take the helm, please. I need this man to tear all my clothes off.
Wash: Work, work, work...

Thank you, as ever, to the fabulous [personal profile] such_heights for the beta and technical support!

download: 31MB @ mediafire

password: serenity


Devil's Spoke from Phoebe on Vimeo.

Lyrics here )


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