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Er, so, I also made a festivid treat for [personal profile] such_heights because that is a thing I do. I actually made this before I made my assignment (and thought I was going to have to default on my assignment) and then proceeded to lie about it through my teeth to an unsuspecting [personal profile] such_heights, because I am a terrible person and a frighteningly good liar when I want to be.

She wanted a vid about Matilda and Miss Honey, and their lovely relationship, and so that is what she got <3 I'm glad you like it, Arthur. Thank you to [personal profile] shinyjenni and [personal profile] cosmic_llin for betaing and enthusiasm!

Walking on Sunshine
edited by [personal profile] purplefringe for [personal profile] such_heights
fandom: Matilda (movie)
music: Halo / Walking on Sunshine by the cast of Glee
summary: "The happiest part of the story is that Matilda and Miss Honey each got what they'd always wanted - a loving family"
content notes: <3

download: 61MB @ mediafire


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Just got home from Vidukon! As ever, it was a completely wonderful weekend of vids, squee, too much sugar, more vids, more squee, and really excellent company. <3 Always one of the highlights of my year. I am too tired to do anything like a proper con report, but will note for those of you who weren't there that you can watch most of the vids shown at the con website, which is really comprehensive and awesome. I ran a vidshow called 'This Will Always Be Our Home' which seemed to go down well, and there were amazing shows on themes as diverse as Aliens, Revolution, Vampires, Fairytales, a nostalgic look back at what people were vidding 10 years ago, and lots of other great ideas. There was also Premieres! Oh, there were so many wonderful things, I just. All my friends are so talented. <3 Many feels were had. Also, I spent much of the weekend covered in glitter, and randomly yelling at people, 'Jesus Christ, I thought you were a fucking BEAR'. Those two facts are unconnected. In conclusion: VIDUKON, YOU GUYS.

Anyway, it was also [personal profile] such_heights' birthday yesterday, so I made her a little vidlet of some of our favourite BFFs being BFFs. It is not the most polished thing I've ever made, but it is made with all the love in the world, because [personal profile] such_heights is the greatest, you guys, and I'm not sure what I've done to deserve her as a best friend. She was happy for me to put this online, so here it is.

Password: Arthur

Crawled Out of the Sea from Phoebe on Vimeo.

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Festivids reveeeeeeals! I got two wonderful vids - This Sullen Welsh Heart, a Pride vid by [personal profile] futuransky about politics and protest and hope and despair and carrying on fighting anyway. <3 It defies my feeble attempts at explanation, you should all go and watch it and cry.

I also got a treat in the form of You're My Best Friend, aka THE CUTEST SIR IAN & SIR PATRICK BFF VID EVER from my actual bff [personal profile] such_heights(<33333!). It's just a fucking delight. LOOKIT THEM. THEY LOVE EACH OTHER. We are totally going to be like that when we're old and even dorkier than we are now.

I totally meant to make treats this year, but was tragically short on inspiration, and also distracted making two kind of spontaneous Doctor Who vids....oops.

But - HILARIOUSLY - I was actually assigned [personal profile] such_heights as my FV recipient this year! It had to happen sometime, I guess?! We actually matched on several different things, and I can't even remember if this was one of them. But her request for a Verity and Waris vid caught my eye. I promised her that I hadn't made her a treat this year, so she totally thought she had one up on me by making me the aforementioned CUTEST SIR IAN & SIR PATRICK BFF VID EVER. Then It turned out that I'd made her a vid anyway. MWA HA HA. She guessed this vid was from me before even watching it. The metadata was a bit of a clue :-) More ramblings about that here )

Anyway, enough talking now, I'm the only person who cares about all this backstory - here's the vid:

Gonna Get Through This World
edited by [personal profile] purplefringe
fandom: An Adventure in Space and Time
music: Gonna Get Through This World by The Klezmatics
summary: A tribute to Verity Lambert and Waris Hussein

download: 78MB @ mediafire


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Such Dorks

Sep. 16th, 2015 09:41 pm
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Doctor Who is coming back this Saturday, which means that in a little less than 72 hours' time, my brain is going to be All Doctor Who All The Time, and consequently so will this journal.

But for now, here is a thing that is not Doctor Who (or, at least, only somewhat Doctor Who): The Such Dorks Wedding Album

As pretty much all of you will know (because most of you were there :-P) [personal profile] such_heights and [personal profile] happydork got married last weekend, in the most awesome space-themed wedding to ever wedding. In honour of this occasion, and because I love them both very much, I decided to exploit all my extremely talented friends, and, with the help of Awesome Flatmate K, put together a book of fannish joy for [personal profile] such_heights and [personal profile] happydork, full of messages from some of their fictional loves who sadly couldn't make the wedding. Some of these are now up on the AO3, thanks to the lovely [personal profile] thingswithwings, and hopefully a few more will go up over the next week. Go! Read! Cry happy tears!

I am incredibly grateful to [personal profile] carawj, [personal profile] cosmic_llin, [personal profile] fly_to_dawn, gnimaerd, [personal profile] kaydeefalls, [personal profile] raven, [personal profile] shinyjenni, [personal profile] silly_cleo, [personal profile] soupytwist [personal profile] thingswithwings, [personal profile] qian, and Awesome Flatmates K and L for all the beautiful, moving, funny, delightful things they made for the book! <3
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Festivid treat the 1st!

HI [personal profile] such_heights HI! I made you another vid about Karen's face! Oh, wait, you already knew that because you guessed I'd made this before you even watched it :-P

The Writer
edited by [personal profile] purplefringe
fandom: Not Another Happy Ending
characters: Karen Gillan's Face Jane/Darcy
music: The Writer by Ellie Goulding
summary: The writer and her muse
notes: Made for [personal profile] such_heights for Festivids 2014. Made using her song idea and, er, her clips. :-P (Thanks for those!)
warnings: Tragically, this is not really representative of the film. I wish it were. The *actual* plot involves several kind of douchy guys, who take up valuable screen time which could and should have been given to Karen Gillan. So...apologies if this vid gets your hopes up. Femslash is entirely subtextual.

download: 43MB @ mediafire

password: karengillan

The Writer from Phoebe on Vimeo.

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ETA 07/09/14 Now remastered and shiny! Links below are updated. The remastering process was tricker than I thought it would be (having never done this before) - mostly due to the cam footage scenes being inexplicably several frames longer than the DVD ripped scenes. Which meant I had to do some unexpected clip tweaking, to make the same clips fit in the same slots. Also, a couple of clips turned out to be way less awesome once you could actually *see* what was going on…! Notably, a clip that I thought showed an explosion, but turned out to just be a particularly blurry scene change…oops. That one got swapped out. Newly remastered vid also contains bonus!Maria Hill and bonus!Natasha, now that the full width of the screen can be seen. :-)

Don't Stop Believin'
edited by [personal profile] purplefringe
fandom: Captain America: The Winter Soldier
characters: Steve / Sam
music: Don't Stop Believin' - Journey
summary: Strangers waiting / up and down the boulevard...
content notes: Spoilers for the film. Also, some very shaky camera work, exacerbated by the cam-quality footage. NB: Please just bear with the first 30 seconds.... :-)

notes: It's that most wonderful time of year again - [personal profile] such_heights's BIRTHDAY! ♥ She is the bestest of friends and the awesomest of flatmates (along with K & [personal profile] happydork, my other two flatmates, of course) and so I made her this ridiculous little vid about Sam and Steve to celebrate. They are adorable and great, and so is she.

further ramblings )

download: 75MB @ mediafire

password: onyourleft


Don't Stop Believin' from Phoebe on Vimeo.

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Puncture Repair
edited by [personal profile] purplefringe
fandom: Elementary
characters: Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson
music: Puncture Repair - Elbow
summary: I leaned on you today (and I have promises to keep)
content notes: Spoilers for the whole first series
notes: Made from scratch in a 48-hour burst of sleep-deprived creativity, in order to be finished in time for [personal profile] such_heights's birthday yesterday. ♥ Thank you for getting me to overcome my initial scepticism and finally watch this stupid show about stupid people with stupid faces and their stupid (beautiful, complex) relationship. I may have some Thoughts about them at some point, but right now everything I have to say is in the vid.

download: 29MB @ mediafire

password: bees


Puncture Repair from Phoebe on Vimeo.

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[community profile] festivids reveeeeeeeeeals!

First and foremost: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to [personal profile] turquoisetumult for making me the most beautiful vid! Amelie is one of my very favourite films EVER, and I have wanted to *be* Amelie for most of my life. Beauty in the Breakdown completely captures the magic, the fragility and the emotion of both the film and the character. I love it to bits. And I am in awe of her talent....go watch it and then go watch the film again and then go do something small and lovely for someone.

Second: I made a thing! In fact...I made TWO THINGS *shock horror*

The first was Devils, a Gormenghast vid which I made for [personal profile] genusshrike. It's been several years since I read the original books, but I thoroughly enjoyed rewatching the tv series, marvelling at the truly astounding number of amazing British actors involved (many of whom tragically did not make it into the vid) and generally rediscovering the magnificent character that is Steerpike. He is just *so evil*. I wanted to make something dark and creepy about Steerpike's rise to power, and the poison at the heart of Gormenghast - both Steerpike himself, and the Law of the castle.

As [personal profile] such_heights and I now reside under the same roof, and there was a small chance we would be assigned each other, we decided to vid in SECRET. This has led to much hilarity, and even a little 'secret vidding' song (sung to the tune of 'Secret Tunnel', for those of you who are A:TLA fans). Consequently, I couldn't rely on my usual beta extraordinaire - so many, MANY thanks are due to Arj, who stepped in valiantly and sent several very interesting and extremely helpful beta-emails. :-)

(Incidentally, both [personal profile] such_heights and I guessed each other's vid on our first guess. I....yeah.)

download: 78MB @ mediafire (sorry it's so huge! I'm not quite sure why it is...)

password: steerpike


Devils from Phoebe on Vimeo.

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The second vid....the second vid is I've Just Seen A Face, made as a treat for [personal profile] such_heights :-P

She had NO IDEA, MWA HA HA HA! The vid is a blatant love letter to KAREN GILLAN'S FACE OF JOY, and it was a lot of fun to make! Though it was possibly even *more* fun to watch [personal profile] such_heights squee over, whilst rejoicing in secret on the sofa next to her :-D I am such a good liar and am NOT ASHAMED.

download: 33MB @ mediafire

password: jean


I've Just Seen A Face from Phoebe on Vimeo.

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Saving Me & You
edited by [personal profile] purplefringe
fandom: Imagine Me & You and Saving Face
characters: Rachel/Luce and Wil/Vivian
music: Kiss Me - Sixpence None The Richer
summary: Lesbian love in London and New York
content notes: Spoilers for both films
notes: Made for my partner-in-squee, the wonderful and brilliant [personal profile] such_heights, on the occasion of her birthday. HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY STUPIDFACE.
Warning: this vid is PURE FLUFF and I REGRET NOTHING.
Side note, for those of you who haven't seen the films but are watching this anyway: these two films do not *actually* contain the exact same storyline played by different actors, whatever I've made it look like. There are a LOT of parallels, both narratively and visually, and seeing as both [personal profile] such_heights and I love a good parallel, I thought I'd have a bit of fun with that. But I promise that both films have different premises, different subplots and focuses, a bunch of other great characters who were left out of this vid, and are both very much worth watching :-D

download: 35MB @ mediafire

password: moonlit


Saving Me & You from Phoebe on Vimeo.

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Suddenly I See
edited by [personal profile] purplefringe
fandom: Firefly
characters: Kaylee and Inara
music: Suddenly I See - KT Tunstall
summary: suddenly I see why the hell it means so much to me
notes: As with Wash and Zoe, there are not *nearly* enough vids celebrating the supportive, joyful and gloriously angst-free friendship of Inara and Kaylee. So this is a vid about them! It can be shippy if you want it to be, or simply about how Inara looks after Kaylee and Kaylee looks up to Inara. It's also a vid about how very beautiful they both are. :-)

Made for [personal profile] such_heights to help combat the winter brain weasels <3

download: 34MB @ mediafire

password: smile

Suddenly I See from Phoebe on Vimeo.

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