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You are going to make me a VID which automatically makes you awesome. In addition to which, you have offered to vid one of the eclectic mix of fandoms below, so clearly we should be friends. I know I will love whatever you make, and so the most important thing is that you have a great time making it, because I think it really shines through when a vidder has loved making something :-D But if you're looking for inspiration, take a look back at my previous FV letters for notes on music (nothing has really changed), and here are some notes on this year's fandoms which you may or may not find helpful:

3 Idiots [Movie]

I request this *every* year :-) ONE DAY someone will make me the vid of my heart about these glorious idiots, and their beautiful, life-affirming friendship. Maybe it will be this year! I live in hope. So what do I love about this film? Well, I love that it's simultaneously heartbreakingly sincere and earnest and COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS. It's a wonderful combination of wacky fun and poignant moments. It's a film about taking risks and the joy of learning, it's about being true to yourself and being kind and bringing something to the world and I just love it. Any vid about this film would make me happy.

Lagaan [Movie]

I ALSO request this every year! I just really appreciate Aamir Khan's face, ok? It's such a good face. As I've said in previous years, this is a gorgeous film packed with wonderful choreography and a fantastic, uplifting underdog story. I love Bhuvan and Gauri *very* much. I also have happy nostalgic feelings about this film, because I first watched it with a bunch of my friends in the first year of university, and so any vid you make is going to give me a warm glowy feeling. Also I can't believe this film made me care about cricket. (!) The only thing I am not so keen on is the love-triangle aspect (ugh, love-triangles), so I would prefer that not to be the main focus of the vid.

Pride [Movie]

Anything. Literally any vid you make about this film will be amazing. I am very bad at emotions and rarely cry at anything, even things that have the rest of the world in hysterics. But this film? This film had me in tears from about a third of the way through, and they didn't stop until the end. Please make the vid of your heart and I will love it. <3

Bunheads [TV]

This show! I am so sad this show was cancelled :-( I discovered it earlier this year, and it's such a delight. Particularly as I have recently started learning ballet, which I'm enjoying very much. My favourite characters are Boo and Michelle, so I would really love a vid about either of them! Especially Boo, as I haven't come across any vids about her. Her journey, and her awareness that it's going to be that much harder for her to get what she wants than it is for, say, Sasha, but that she's going to go after it anyway... She's also so kind and gentle and lovely. And Michelle! I adore her snarkiness, and her resilience. But really I love all the ladies in this, so any vid that showcases their relationships and their dancing would be awesome.

RPF - Ian McKellan & Patrick Stewart

THEIRS IS A BEAUTIFUL FRIENDSHIP. A MIRACULOUS FRIENDSHIP. Ok, so the existence of Sir Ian McKellan and Sir Patrick Stewart brings light and joy to my soul. It's how I hope my bff [personal profile] such_heights and I will be when we are old and even more ridiculous than we are now. I would love a vid about these two delightful Sirs and their dorky friendship :-D I know there's loads of footage from interviews they've done together, from chat shows they've been on together, from times they have crashed each other's red carpet appearances, etc. Oh, and they may have been in one or two films together :-P ALSO there's a whole load of amaaaaazing photos on instagram, because apparently they just like to frolic around taking stupid pictures of themselves together sometimes. LOSERS <3

The Sims [Game]

Ha. Oh, the Sims. HI, teenage purplefringe, HI. Every moment I wasn't thinking about Harry Potter as a teenager, I spent playing the Sims. Originally Sims 1, and then Sims 2 (Sims 3 and 4 are beyond me, but if that's what you have to work with, go for it!) I had aaaalllll the expansions, knew all the cheat codes, and got very invested in the weird and wonderful life of my Sims. (Never managed to get a Sim abducted by aliens. Was always v annoyed about that.) I haven't the foggiest idea how one vids a computer game, but if you know how and are willing to make a vid for my Sims-addicted teenage self, PLEASE HAVE FUN and I will roll around flailing in nostalgic happiness :-D

Hamilton (Broadway Musical) [Audio, Performance]

And finally. Oh god. HAMILTON. I just. I. No. I fell HEAD OVER HEELS in love with this musical from the first time I listened to it a few weeks ago, and then only proceeded to become more obsessed the more I listened. I wrote a really long flaily post about some of the things that made me love it, but it's not enough. If you've offered to vid Hamilton, you probably already have A Plan, because I have NO idea how you would vid this...but if, just on the off-chance, you don't have a plan and are looking for inspiration - here is what I would love:

I would love a vid about *all* of Hamilton. Not just the clips from the show itself (though obviously those, lots of those, they are perfect) but also about its cast and its creation. About the lyrics. About the gloriousness of *Lin Manuel Miranda*. About the Chernow biography, and the ten dollar bill and the White House performance. About #Ham4Ham and #YayHamlet. About the fandom and the twittersplosion that happened when the cast recording was released, and the lyrics annotations on the Genius website. About the way it's made the headlines. About the way people have reacted to it. About the experience everyone goes through when they hear it, and the way everyone ends up with a million wikipedia tabs open, crying on the internet about people who have been dead for over 200 years.

...I do realise this is a big ask :-) Which is why I'm not making this myself. I just. I would love, beyond all coherency, a vid about the *phenomenon* of Hamilton. <3 Obviously, if you are assigned to me because of Hamilton and the above is all too much, I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND (as I said: this is why I'm not making this myself) and you should make the awesome vid you already had planned. :-D #YAYHAMLET.
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