Feb. 2nd, 2013

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[community profile] festivids reveeeeeeeeeals!

First and foremost: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to [personal profile] turquoisetumult for making me the most beautiful vid! Amelie is one of my very favourite films EVER, and I have wanted to *be* Amelie for most of my life. Beauty in the Breakdown completely captures the magic, the fragility and the emotion of both the film and the character. I love it to bits. And I am in awe of her talent....go watch it and then go watch the film again and then go do something small and lovely for someone.

Second: I made a thing! In fact...I made TWO THINGS *shock horror*

The first was Devils, a Gormenghast vid which I made for [personal profile] genusshrike. It's been several years since I read the original books, but I thoroughly enjoyed rewatching the tv series, marvelling at the truly astounding number of amazing British actors involved (many of whom tragically did not make it into the vid) and generally rediscovering the magnificent character that is Steerpike. He is just *so evil*. I wanted to make something dark and creepy about Steerpike's rise to power, and the poison at the heart of Gormenghast - both Steerpike himself, and the Law of the castle.

As [personal profile] such_heights and I now reside under the same roof, and there was a small chance we would be assigned each other, we decided to vid in SECRET. This has led to much hilarity, and even a little 'secret vidding' song (sung to the tune of 'Secret Tunnel', for those of you who are A:TLA fans). Consequently, I couldn't rely on my usual beta extraordinaire - so many, MANY thanks are due to Arj, who stepped in valiantly and sent several very interesting and extremely helpful beta-emails. :-)

(Incidentally, both [personal profile] such_heights and I guessed each other's vid on our first guess. I....yeah.)

download: 78MB @ mediafire (sorry it's so huge! I'm not quite sure why it is...)

password: steerpike


Devils from Phoebe on Vimeo.

Lyrics here )
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The second vid....the second vid is I've Just Seen A Face, made as a treat for [personal profile] such_heights :-P

She had NO IDEA, MWA HA HA HA! The vid is a blatant love letter to KAREN GILLAN'S FACE OF JOY, and it was a lot of fun to make! Though it was possibly even *more* fun to watch [personal profile] such_heights squee over, whilst rejoicing in secret on the sofa next to her :-D I am such a good liar and am NOT ASHAMED.

download: 33MB @ mediafire

password: jean


I've Just Seen A Face from Phoebe on Vimeo.

Lyrics here )


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