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So it's been a week since [community profile] festivids went live, and I have watched SO MANY VIDS. It is indeed a glorious time. (Apologies in advance, there may be a lot of capslock in this post.)

I was lucky enough to receive TWO VIDS this year, and my little heart near exploded with joy. TWO WHOLE VIDS. This has never happened before.

I got a delightful vid for my all-time favourite film, A Fish Called Wanda. (It's probably best not to ask why this weird little comedy, of all things, is my favourite film, because I'm not sure I could tell you. It may have something to do with Wanda's infectious smile, and lovely Michael Palin imprinting on me at an early age.) Anyway, Whatever Wanda Wants is a perfect summary of Wanda's character, and how she TOTALLY PLAYS all of the other characters in the film to get what she wants. The song is sexy and charming and rather cheeky, just like Wanda herself, and the editing does a great job of capturing the visual comedy in a film with a lot of verbal humour. Also, it has MICHAEL PALIN'S FACE, which is the most wonderful of faces <3

I also received Wherever You Will Go for Wallace and Gromit. Reader, I cried. WALLACE AND GROMIT. 'Oooh, this will be ridiculous wacky fun!', my co-vid-watchers and I thought. THEN THERE WERE UNEXPECTED FEELS. I just. The first three Wallace & Gromit adventures were a fundamental part of my childhood. I remember watching them every Christmas. I quote them in small ways all the time. They are such an intrinsic part of my British upbringing, I find it strange when other people haven't seen them. And THIS VID. It *is* wacky fun, and is full of great moments of humour and wonderful comic literalism, but also GROMIT'S SAD LITTLE FACE and FEELINGS and him and Wallace rescuing each other in ridiculous ways. Also, TOWER OF SHEEP. And the song choice is glorious and inspired and I would never have thought it would work but it does. I'm afraid I actually can't be more coherent than that.

'Unexpected feels' has turned out to kind of be the theme of this year's festivids*. [personal profile] such_heights and I celebrated Go Live Day over at Purple Heights Manor with our lovely mostly-but-not-entirely-north-London-based vidding crew, [personal profile] carawj, [personal profile] cosmic_llin, [personal profile] happydork, [personal profile] shinyjenni and [personal profile] silly_cleo. We had a wonderful afternoon of tea, Cards Against Humanity, pizza, brownies, squee, and unexpected Feelings attacks from unlikely fandoms. We may have all had emotional hangovers the next day. Or that could have been the sugar crash from all the chocolate brownies.

*Also, sharks. There were a lot of sharks.

I haven't watched all 205(!) vids yet, but here are some of my favourites so far:

Run The World for Agents of SHIELD

Collide for Anastasia

Do My Thing for Bend It Like Beckham

I Am The Rain for Brave

Keep Breathing for Chariots of Fire

Soon Love Soon for Cloud Atlas

Lantern for Donald Strachey Mysteries

Dance Apocalyptic for Footloose

All We Got for The Great Gatsby

221B and a Half for The Great Mouse Detective

What Sharp Teeth You Have for Hanna

Fireproof for Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

All Star for Lego LOTR

9 to 5 for Lego Star Wars

Banging Them Together for Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail

The Edge Of Glory for Mulan

Lifeforms for Never Let Me Go

Nine Years of Ballet, ASSHOLE! for Outrageous Fortune

Moves Like Jaeger for Pacific Rim

Ring of Fire for Parks and Recreation

You Always Make Me Smile for The Sarah Jane Adventures

(You Drive Me) Crazy for Sharknado

ABC for Sister Act movies

Kneel Before The Queen for Snow White and the Huntsman

Kids for Spirited Away

Quite The Right Team for Star Trek - Next Generation

Ocean for Stardust

No Church In The WIld for The Tudors

It's Not The Same for Walk On Water

Such Great Heights for Wall-E

Breath Of Life for Wonder Woman

….er, that was a longer list than I thought. Wow, whittling down the list for the Festivids show at this year's Vidukon is going to be HARD.
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