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Festivids reveals! Woop! I made THREE vids this year, and I'm going to put each one in a separate post, so apologies for the reading list spam. Here is the first:

Feather Moon
edited by [personal profile] purplefringe  
fandom: Only Lovers Left Alive
characters: Adam & Eve
music: Feather Moon by Vienna Teng
summary: I love you endlessly not knowing why
notes: Made for [personal profile] joyo for Festivids 2014
warnings: Suicidal ideation

download: 63MB @ mediafire

This was made for [personal profile] joyo, who apparently shares my appreciation for the gorgeous visuals in this truly beautiful and ridiculous film. I mean, it really is ridiculous. Though when Awesome Flatmate K and I went to the cinema to see it together, we were the only people in hysterics...but come on, *surely* we're supposed to find it funny when Adam says, very seriously, 'Just goes to show. We don't know shit about fungi.' ?! :-D I really love the film for just that - the combination of lush cinematography and wicked, subversive humour. Not to mention Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton's faces. *swoon*. K and I came out of the cinema having decided we very much wanted to make out with both of them.

Ahem ANYWAY. This vid idea came to me months ago, but then was surprisingly hard to make. This was partly a technical issue (the film was in some absurdly high quality format, and it took a MILLION YEARS to make each 2 minute clip) and partly because the film has very little in the way of narrative drive and the song has basically nothing in the way of narrative drive....and I found that surprisingly hard to put together? The plan was always to make a sort of  mood-piece, which focuses on the tone and the themes and the sensual nature of the film rather than the plot, but I kept finding myself trying to vid the plot anyway, which made for an awkward sort of hybrid-vid....I think I eventually overcame that, but who knows. (My first introduction to vids, many moons ago, was in the post-Doctor-Who-Season-2 era of Ten/Rose vids on youtube, especially Ten/Rose happy-ending-constructed-reality vids. Even many years and 20-something of my own vids later, there is a part of me that still feels compelled to tell a *Story* and take things *literally* when I'm vidding, which I have to work very hard to overcome!)

 One last thing: [personal profile] such_heights and I like to keep the vids we are making secret from each other, even though we live in the same flat and sometimes even vid on the same sofa. She guessed this one from the metadata alone (Vienna Teng + Tom Hiddleston was always going to be a giveaway), but then as she was watching it she had to pause it around the one minute mark because she was LAUGHING too hard. Apparently I have some sort of thing for shots of hands... :-P

Feather Moon
Scarlet Sky
Living clouds
My blinded eye

Waters black
Wood in snow
Dead of night
How bright you glow

Breathe in breathe out
Exhale and inhale
Breathe in breathe out
Exhale and inhale

Breathe in breathe out
Exhale and inhale
Breathe in breathe out
Exhale and inhale

Seven sins
God of stone
All is true
Down to the bone

Feather Moon
Scarlet Sky
I love you endlessly
Not knowing why

Breathe in breathe out
Exhale and inhale
Breathe in breathe out
Exhale and inhale

Breathe in breathe out
Exhale and inhale
Breathe in breathe out
Exhale and inhale...
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